How we began and how you can join us.

Collection of Good is a lifestyle blog for anyone exploring an ethical, sustainable or conscious lifestyle.

Libby Sanders founded Collection of Good in 2010 after travelling to India to see the work of World Vision:

“In that trip I was challenged when we visited an industrial city described to me as ‘the leather tanning capital of India’. I was travelling with World Vision to see their work and through this lens I saw a city struggling to overcome a huge reliance on labour exploitation of both adults and children. As soon as I heard this descriptor of the city my thoughts rushed back home, to a recent purchase of my first real leather handbag a few months prior. The tag inside the bag stated, ‘MADE IN INDIA’.

While I never knew the true history of the production of that bag, the possibilities of whose hands had come to make it challenged me and began my journey of making small, personal lifestyle changes to ensure I was positively contributing to the lives of others through my purchases. The journey from there lead me to create Collection of Good as a place to share with others on a similar path of seeking ways to live more sustainably and ethically.”



To contact us about media, partnership or other opportunities, or with any suggestions or questions, please email us at [email protected]