Hello, again.

Clearly there's been some time between chats for us!


Clearly there’s been some time between chats for us!

As my life has shifted somewhat in 2014 I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and came to realise some things about how I had been approaching this creative space in the year prior. I loved the various things that this blog was for me in 2013; it was a way to contribute to the conversation on conscious living, a creative outlet, a way to learn more about running a website and many other things. 2013 was the best year yet for this blog. Along with all this, it also became a beacon of hope in a hard year personally; I spent most of 2013 in an uninspiring day job, and so having a place that was so many exciting and creative things was incredibly helpful during that time.

Since then, I’ve been incredibly blessed and have spent the first 6 months of this year in an inspiring, exciting and rewarding job. I’ve been stunned that my joy could change so much simply because of the work I was doing. I’ve never been happier, and yet this blog began to take a backseat while I had an inspiring thing to sink my teeth into. Instead of coming home needing a way to feel that I was contributing to the world, I have been coming home happy after a day full of doing just that. I fully recognise that this is a very blessed thing to have.

I have missed it here though. This place has always been a project of joy and love, born from a moment of witnessing injustices, and seeking to do something that inspired a sense of hope, both for me and other. I knew from experience that seeking to live a conscious, sustainable, ethical lifestyle was challenging and could be overwhelming. I always wanted this space to be one for people who were equally concerned when they looked at the mainstream options we have as consumers, and to encourage and empower them to take even the most simple-looking actions in response to that sense of concern.

And so now I want to come back to this space and write from a new place of being inspired.

I can’t promise I’ll be writing a set number of posts a week here, but I can say that I want to continue the journey here in a much more regular and engaged way. Thank you for your patience and graciousness while I’ve been settling into a new and happier stage of life.

Photo by Dominik Martin.

2 responses to “Hello, again.”

  1. Kate says:

    So glad to have you back writing! I’ve missed reading what you have to say and your inspiration. 🙂

  2. libby says:

    thank you kate!

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