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A snapshot of interesting sustainable, social and ethical finds from my recent visit to New York.

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In a very delayed follow-up, here are a few more shots from the rest of my time in New York City last month. I’ve crammed in a lot of the fun things I uncovered so this is a super booster post!

Firstly – I so enjoyed attending the Social Good Summit – there were hundreds of speakers addressing a range of ‘social good’ topics which made for a really inspiring (if not slightly overwhelming at times!) three days. My favourites included Marcus Bleasdale, a leading human rights photojournalist who spoke about conflict minerals in technology (despite knowing a lot about this issue already, it’s amazing how beautiful photojournalistic work on this issues can re-impassion you),┬áNeil Blumenthal from Warby Parker discussing social enterprise and I also loved hearing Tina Wells from Buzz Marketing discuss that the #1 up-and-coming trend in young people was ‘conscious consumption’ (win for us, team!).

The absolute highlight though was Malala Yousefzai, a renowned advocate on girls’ access to education. She’s only 15 year old and yet speaks so articulately, confidently and passionately, and amoungst all this has lived through so much. Malala was shot last year by the Taliban in her home country of Pakistan in an attempt to silence her advocacy for girls education, yet survived and has recovered remarkably well. You should definitely visit the Malala Fund Site and follow more on Facebook and Twitter.

Beyond the Summit, I was also able to have some fun visiting the Brooklyn Grange, a great ‘rooftop farming’ initiative in New York City. We had such fun wandering above Brooklyn amoungst the fresh fruit and vegetables growing up there, and tried a new (to me) vegetable called ‘Ground Cherries’ which are sort of like a baby tomato but super sweet. Yum!

I loved trying to seek out the sustainable and ethical things in New York -we stumbled upon Rain– a fair trade store stocking bath items and some gorgeous blankets, where many of the products had the handwritten name of the artisan who made it – what an amazing connection to the producer! I also finally got myself a pair of Warby Parkers which was a very exciting purchase, particularly for my general ability to see things!

I got to do some very fun ‘New York’ activities like eating hot dogs and pretzels from street vendors (not as amazing as some of the other food we had though! Seriously New York has some delicious food), visiting a Broadway show, visiting art galleries and Central Park and even had the great pleasure of seeing the Met Opera!

All in all, I’m very lucky to have had the chance to take such a wonderful trip to visit family and see the great city that is New York.

So tell me – what have you all been up to!? I’ve missed regularly posting here very much – you’ll see me begin to amp up again as we head towards Christmas, hopefully helping to make it easier for you all to make great gift giving decisions that have a positive impact on our world too.

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